Jan 31, 2011

Kanawa - Indonesian snorkeling spot

There is not much you can do on Kanawa. Snorkeling, suntanning, socializing and playing chess would deplete the choice. But if you do snorkel...

Postalm Klamm - for all adventure freaks

Now, this is not a sort of holiday activity I would recommend everybody, even though in fact it doesn't require any special skills nor physical fitness. Fear control is most important so I guess in the end most of people can do it if you approach the challenge in a right way.

Jan 30, 2011

Sopot - best town to live in?

If you like a bit moody weather, nostalgic autumns, snowy winters, bright springs and hot, sunny summers than sure it is. I was born there, so I should know best...

Mikulov - Moravian capital of wine

People tend to think that Czechs are total beer addicts and all their liquid interests are confined in a half a liter glass of lager with foam. How unjust!

Jan 28, 2011

Sidemen - the best Bali rice fields retreat

Sidemen rice terraces
I was hugely disappointed by Bali beaches - either they were unpleasantly overcrowded with noisy Australians, or black lava sand and rocky bottom made it bikini unfriendly. On the other hand, rice terraces proved to be something truly breathtaking.

Zingaro - Sicilian wild beaches

In 2009 we drove all along the north coast of Sicily and after 3 days we have been quite depressed. Unlike the gorgeous southern part of island this actually looked like Italian hell - ugly, crowded, dirty, uninteresting and very slow to travel. When we got to Palermo I had already had enough and that city seemed like a cherry on the top of this inedible cake.

And then suddenly thing got better ...

Jan 26, 2011

Rocky Czech Paradise

"Prachovske skaly" - that's something close to heaven for all the rock-climbers, view-lovers and photographers. Located ca. 100 km north east from Prague, capital of Czech Republic, close to city of Liberec, this unbelievable complex of rocky towers reminds of... moonscape.