Jan 30, 2011

Mikulov - Moravian capital of wine

People tend to think that Czechs are total beer addicts and all their liquid interests are confined in a half a liter glass of lager with foam. How unjust!

In fact southern part of Czech Republic is a fertile land for many wine grapes varieties and next to smoky pubs full of fatty, red-faced beeroholics there splendid wineries and vinotecas all over the country. What is most remarkable is tha fact tah Czech wine is surprisingly noble, very interesting (especially local white varieties) and enjoyably cheap - for 5 euros you can actually get a truly outstanding bottle.

No wonder, that Moravia region, most famous for hundreds of vineyards, became sort of oenotourism promise land - Eastern Europe's Tuscany. Mikulov is one of the major wine cities there, definitely my favorite, and joins great drinking traditions, rich cellars and beautiful landscape of green rolling hills, fairy tale like villages and historical architecture of castles, churches and cobbled stone streets.

There is plenty of wine events going on from early spring till late autumn, bicycle and walking trails crossing the best wineries, restaurants and places of interest as well as breath-taking chateau with a view to surrounding area known as Palava hills (there is even "palava" wine variety - known for its golden hue and rose aroma). From terraces of the palace you can see also Saint Hill (Svaty kopecek), famous pilgrimage destination, and Goat Tower (Kozi Hradek) welcoming all hikers.

Accommodation is easily available - from cheap hostels (ubytovna) to luxury hotels - and there is more food specialties that you can try throughout a few days. Only vegetarians can be disappointed yet still there is always Czech staple dish - fried cheese - on the menu. For help with travel organization you can write to: morawy@gmail.com.

More about Czech wines here.

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