Jan 31, 2011

Postalm Klamm - for all adventure freaks

Now, this is not a sort of holiday activity I would recommend everybody, even though in fact it doesn't require any special skills nor physical fitness. Fear control is most important so I guess in the end most of people can do it if you approach the challenge in a right way.
The truth is that I freaked out on the first bridge and my partner had to go on without me. It makes me resentful and given second chance I would try again with some more determination. But back to beginning.

Postalm Klamm is an Austrian via ferrata, meaning a climbing route prepared for securing with iron ropes and bars. Saying that, there is really very small risk of anything happening to you there, if you do use climbing gear and secure yourself in at all times, and in the end it just looks frightening. Located near famous Alpine lake Wolfgangsee, in Salzburg region, small town Postalm is hiding an entrance to its attractive adventure.

Set up upon rocky river valley, some 20 meters deep and very narrow, the route goes along the steep walls (there is even a jump from one side to another!) and leads you through different kind of bridges. Getting out of valley, you do some hiking and at the end there is also regular rock wall to climb (tough one) that can be avoided by taking by pass pathway. Whole ferrata is ranked C-D in climbing difficulty scale (E being the toughest one).

Accomodation is easy to find in Postalm and neighbouring Wei├čenbach as well as on camping at Wolfgangsee. The entrance fee is 5 euro and you need to have your own helmet and basic climbing gear.

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