Jan 26, 2011

Rocky Czech Paradise

"Prachovske skaly" - that's something close to heaven for all the rock-climbers, view-lovers and photographers. Located ca. 100 km north east from Prague, capital of Czech Republic, close to city of Liberec, this unbelievable complex of rocky towers reminds of... moonscape.

Sightseeing trails will take you all along this bizarre city carved by nature in sand stone. Lookout points, magic corridors, terraces, majestic trees, impressive system of caves and most off all - ultimately challenging climbing routes where hundreds of enthusiasts try their chances to make to the top. And that is usually sort of needle tip top.

In the nearby area there is plenty of similar rocky places and if you got tired of keeping your head up, you can always visit numerous historical attractions of the vast area known as Bohemian Paradise. Old castles, churches, monasteries and astounding hills make it worth of spending a few days here. Here you'll find plenty of accommodation possibilities of all price ranges  - and Czech hospitality is really not something to miss out on.

Make sure not to forget about: Romantic Valdstejn Castle, Castle of Stare Hrady near Jicin, picturesque ruins of Trosky Castle, largest Czech rock castle Vranov, chateau Hruba Skala (picture above) and maze of dolomite Bozov caves. 

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