Jan 30, 2011

Sopot - best town to live in?

If you like a bit moody weather, nostalgic autumns, snowy winters, bright springs and hot, sunny summers than sure it is. I was born there, so I should know best...

Sopot is often called the Pearl of Baltic Sea and definitely it's on of Poland's top jewels. Small, spa town sandwiched between modern Gdynia and beautiful historical Gdańsk, this resort has always been legendary for sandy beaches, vibrant cultural life and unique artistic atmosphere. Sure, it's very snobbish, especially lately, after major reconstructions have been carried out in the center, but thanks to that it offers some great feeling of luxury and intimacy.

I love it all year round though most people opt for typical beach and fun summer stays. It's green, quiet, has lavish baroque architecture and offers wide array of quality spa services. Just like fresh seaside air and gorgeous, sometimes chilly water weren't healthy enough.

There are hundreds of gorgeous cafes, small restaurants and cozy BB's though expensive hotels with private spas are plenty to find as well. In the summer main pedestrian passage overflows with beer and coffee gardens, music is played live on every corner and something interesting goes on every single day: theater on the beach, open air concerts, yacht races, horse races, beach volleyball tournaments, artistic happenings, amateur swimming races around the pier...

Yeah, pier - the longest wooden one in Europe (511 m), historical, beautiful and utterly romantic is a symbol of Sopot and heart of cultural life. This year it will be joined by new marina for yacht boats and hopefully will remain as splendid and unique as I remember since childhood.

What else?
It used to be a fishing village centuries ago so it comes as no surprise fish here is really abundant and delicious (especially smoked, sold small fish outlet near Bar Przystań).
Opportunities for doing sports such as sailing, windsurfing, horse riding, jogging, roller skating, biking, swimming and even kayaking are numerous.
And last but not least, there is plenty to do around Sopot.

My faves:

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  1. I like your photos and the variety of locations you have written about in your posts. I think the recommendations at the end of this post are practical...hopefully I will get a chance to see for myself some day. Thanks!


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