Feb 2, 2011

Playa de sa Tuna - the best beach on Costa Brava

Definitely not the most famous nor popular one, and thank God for that. We discovered this gem quite accidentally driving in rush off the crowded beaches of Costa Brava massive tourism.

Around 40 km east of Girona, near city of Begur, at the most distant cape of the rocky coast lies hidden a dreamland beach, enclosed in rocky bay. Playa de sa tuna is a small stony beach with unbelievable climate of fishing village, summer villas paradise and wild ocean battlefield. Strong waves crash magically into the steep walls and as tide goes up, the water swallows parts of harbor.

Thanks to amazing pathway carved just above the cliff you can walk all along the bay which proves to be as charming in early morning as it gets romantic and mysterious at sunset. This way can take up to proud rocky cape with Spanish flag where fishermen hunt for prey and tourists enjoy breathtaking views.

Steep hills around are all covered in puzzles of colorful summer villas which, contrary to Cost Brava condos, look really pleasant and kind of inviting. Supposedly, there is always some property for renting or sale there and if I had the money...

But of course finding normal accommodation is not a problem either - there are lots of standard apartments for rental and hotels in the area of Begur, including one that actually offers breakfast at this most beautiful beach - Hotel sa Tuna.

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